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Architects and Engineers Reports

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Fast Track Projects: Caution Curves Ahead Volume 22 Number 3
Indemnities, Part 2: Where Agreements May Make Sense Volume 22 Number 2
Indemnities, Part 1: Getting to "No" Volume 22 Number 1
Staffing Decisions Impact Liability Exposures
Volume 21 Number 3
A Condo Comeback? Designers Beware!
Volume 21 Number 2
Jobsite Safety Part 2: Three Keys to Avoiding Liabilities
Volume 21 Number 1
Jobsite Safety Part 1: You Win Some, You Lose Some
Volume 20 Number 5
Part 2: CAD: Contractual and Ownership Protection
Volume 20 Number 4


Part 1: CAD: Capabilities and Liabilities Evolve
Volume 20 Number 3
Comprehensive Scope of Services Boost Bottom Line
Volume 20 Number 2
Tight Budget, Limited Credit Leads to Underfunded Projects
Volume 20 Number 1


Get It In Writing: Avoid Verbal Contracts
Volume 19 Number 5
Reducing the Chances of Third-Party Claims
Volume 19 Number 4
The Essentials of Negotiating a Limitation of Liability Clause Volume 19 Number 3
Project Evaluation is Now More Important Than Ever Volume 19 Number 2
Negotiating Insurance Requirements in Clients Contracts Volume 19 Number 1
Communication is the Key to Avoiding Claims Volume 18 Number 4

Managing Jobsite Risks
Volume 18 Number 3
Prevailing Party Contract Clauses: Yes or No?
Volume 18 Number 2
Special Alert: UDC vs. CH2MHill Case
Volume  Number
Indemnities Part 2: Where Agreements May Make Sense
Volume 18 Number 1
Indemnities Part 1: Avoiding Added and Uninsurable Liabilities
Volume 17 Number 5

Reporting Claims and Locking in your PL Coverage
Volume 17 Number 4
Understanding and Avoiding Fiduciary Liability
Volume 17 Number 3
Staffing Issues Front and Center with A/E Environmental Firms
Volume 17 Number 2
Getting Paid in a Slow Economy
Volume 17 Number 1

Scope of Services: A Profitable Risk Management Tool
Volume 16 Number 5
Important Announcement RE: Indemnification in California
Volume 16 Number 4
Integrated Project Delivery
Volume 16 Number 4
CADD Part 2: Contractual and Ownership Protection
Volume 16 Number 3
CADD Part 1: Dealing with Today's Liabilities
Volume 16 Number 2
Top 10 Risk Management Questions Facing Design Firms Today
Volume 16 Number 1

A Prudent Approach to Project Selection
Volume 15 Number 5
New Reporting Requirements for California Architects and Engineers
Volume 15 Number 6
Avoiding the Profit Squeeze
Volume 15 Number 4
Construction Management Roles, Responsibilities and Risks
Volume 15 Number 3
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